Where do your clothes come from?..........!

Where do you clothes come from we hear you say. How does LES amis always have such high quality, cool designer clothing and accessories for the fashionable Men and Women of New York City.
Well in answer to your questions, we receive generous donations from many different people, for lots of different reasons, and in many different ways. Here are the reasons people give us clothes:

1.  Their NYC apartment is too small

2. They've decided they now hate the Dress they had to have 4 months ago

3. They bought a tight leather skirt after a break up and no longer fit into it

4. They want to help a good cause and keep homeless people warm this winter

5.  They're a friend of ours, work for a fashion label, and secretly siphon off samples for us from the sample closet

6.  They're a successful brand who want to help a good cause and expose their products to exciting young New Yorkers

7.  We've forced them to.  Driven to their apartment and demanded they sort out their closet [those working in PR or Fashion are most at risk]


LES amis X